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App Store Optimization Vs. Search Engine Optimization: Are They Related?

App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) both terms are self-advisory. The first one is for apps, and the second one is for the websites. Both optimizations deals with special segment of the digital world . Goals of both of them are same. They will help in boost the app traffic downloads. The choice between App Store Optimization services & Search Engine Optimization depend on projects goals & its needs. One of them you have to choose during projects. In this article we are going to discuss between SEO vs. ASO. We will start with basics.


App Store Optimization!

App Store Optimization or ASO is specially for improving the visibility of mobile apps on the app stores like Google Play store & Apple App Store. The first goal of App store optimization is to increase the no. of app downloads organically.

Search Engine Optimization!

Search engine optimization is one of the best method for website visibility in Google. The purpose of SEO is to grab more traffic & to generate leads to improved sales. Difference between ASO and SEO! Ranking factors plays an vital role in how search engines rate websites or mobile apps. Therefore, marketers & entrepreneurs should always knows the different ranking factors before invest in app store optimization services or search engine optimization. With this knowledge, you can easily ensure about the desired outcome of SEO & ASO.

Here are some ranking factors given below for ASO:

Ranking factors given below for SEO:


For ASO and SEO there are fundamental fragment of computerized promoting, however they have various goals. To make it simple for you to comprehend, we have recorded the objectives of each independently.

The points of App Store Optimization are:

The points of SEO goals:

Coming to social occasion & investigating these KPIs isn’t so straightforward as it appears, yet they are urgent for the accomplishment of your application or site. In this manner, you can utilize instruments like Google Play Developer Console, App Store Connect, Apple Search Ads, and some more. Furthermore, ensure the SEO or application store streamlining organization you employ has the fundamental experience, skill, and instruments. Without these, they can’t guarantee wanted outcomes. Finally, on the off chance that you pick PPC administrations for ASO or SEO, it is crucial for stay steady. All things considered, it’s anything but a one-time occasion. As an advertiser, you need to continually invest in your best amounts of energy and screen your ASO and SEO crusades.

The bottom line

Both App Search Optimization and Search Engine Optimization help in expanding the inconceivability of your application and site. Likewise, you can draw traffic and convert the leads into faithful clients. Be that as it may, they serve the various requirements and consideration of your forthcoming clients, which helps income age. Accordingly, pick the most ideal choice that suits your requirements and objectives.

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