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Better UX, Better Conversion: How UX Design Improves Sales Funnel Performance?

What is UX? As a seasoned web design agency, we present you with a fun way of understanding the meaning and impact of UX on Customers. Think of a restaurant. When you visit a restaurant, the goal is to have a pleasant dining experience. UX design is similar in that its goal is to create a pleasant experience for the website visitor.
  • Just as a restaurant has a menu, a UX designer has a set of tools and techniques to create the desired experience. This might include user research, wireframing, prototyping, and testing.
  • When you sit down at a restaurant, you expect a friendly host or hostess who shows you to your table. In UX design, we might call this the onboarding process, which is the initial experience a user has when they first encounter a product or service.
  • Once you’re seated at a restaurant, you expect an easy-to-read and understandable menu. In UX design, our expert web designers want to make sure that our interfaces are clear, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • As you order your meal, you might have questions about the ingredients or how a dish is prepared. A good waiter/waitress will answer your questions and make recommendations. In UX design, we want to make sure that users can find the information they need and get help when they need it.
  • When your meal arrives, you expect it to be nicely presented and delicious. In UX design, we want to create products that are visually appealing and functional.
  • At the end of your meal, you might be asked to provide feedback on your dining experience. Similarly, in UX design, we use user testing and feedback to refine and improve our products.

UX Design Runs Deep

At an experienced web design company, the UX design process typically starts with research on the intended audience for a website or product. This research involves understanding the users’ pain points, motivations, and goals.
Users’ pain points are the challenges or problems that users may encounter when using the product, and understanding these helps the designer address them in the design. Motivations are the reasons why users are using the product or website. Understanding these motivations helps the designer to create a product that resonates with the user. Goals are the desired outcomes that the user wants to achieve on the website or product. For example, a user might want to make a purchase, find information, or complete a task. Understanding these goals helps the designer to create an interface that facilitates the user’s ability to achieve these goals.
Besides, the UX designer may also consider what the user is likely to be doing and their emotional state when they visit different pages or interact with features. This can help create an appropriate interface for the user’s needs and emotional state, resulting in a positive user experience.

Influence of UX Design on the Sales Funnel

UX design can play an important role in moving people through the sales funnel. The best web designers in India can create a positive user experience at each stage of the funnel. Here’s how:
  • Awareness
    The goal of UX design is to create a positive first impression that encourages the user to continue exploring the product or service. This can be achieved by creating a visually appealing and easy-to-use interface, with clear messaging that communicates the value proposition of the product or service.
  • Interest
    The goal of UX design is to provide the user with a clear understanding of the product or service’s features and benefits and to address any questions or concerns they may have. This can be achieved by creating informative and easy-to-use interfaces, with clear messaging and support features such as FAQs or chatbots.
  • Consideration
    The goal of UX design is to differentiate the product or service from its competitors and to make it easy for the user to compare features and pricing. This can be achieved by creating interfaces that highlight the unique selling points of the product or service, with clear and concise messaging that communicates the benefits of choosing it over other options.
  • Action
    The goal of UX design is to make the purchase process as simple and intuitive as possible, with clear calls to action and streamlined checkout processes. This can be achieved by creating interfaces that guide the user through the purchase process, with clear and concise messaging that communicates the steps required to complete the purchase.
By creating a positive user experience at each stage of the sales funnel, UX design can help move people through the funnel and increase conversion rates.

UX Considerations For Better Leads and Sales

Different UX elements affect how a user interacts with a website and can have a direct impact on leads and sales.

    • Menus are important to ensure that users can easily find what they are looking for and can navigate the website without difficulty.
    • Forms should be placed in strategic locations and have the right number of fields to ensure the user is getting the information they need without being overwhelmed. CTA (call-to-action) buttons should be placed in a prominent location and have a clear copy to guide users to take the desired action. The checkout cart should be easy to use with minimal easy-to-understand copy and error messaging.
    • To maintain trust and credibility, content should be visible and prominent in order to reassure users that the website is secure.
    • Gated content should be easily found and the form should not be overly intrusive. Finally, the website should be mobile-friendly so that users can easily complete tasks on any device.
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