AngularJS is known as a champion JavaScript framework due to its features & excellent capabilities. You can also say that Angular JS is a structural framework which is specially for dynamic web apps. AngularJs is a constantly growing framework which is helpful in providing better options for developing web applications. AngularJS is the best framework for front-end web app development.

It is not surprising for everyone why most businesses depend on Angular JS development services because the Angular core team is continuously doing a lot of improvements in this open-source framework to make it more suitable or reliable. AngularJs is helpful in time management too due to its quality of generating code which is good for the developers & prevents writing rigorous coding.

his year, after the great success of Angular 12 the team released it in 2021. They have announced the latest version of Angular 12.2 & they have made few changes in Angular JS latest version. If you are using angular for creating any web pages then you have to be familiar with the Angular 12.2 latest version.

If you are updated with the changes then you can easily go with the latest version & there will be not any confusion in creating web pages. It will be helpful for the customers too because we can easily complete their demands and they will be satisfied with our services.If you are thinking that you are going to use AngularJs in your upcoming projects? Then firstly you have to learn about the complete characteristics of AngularJS 12.2 latest version.

Practically you have to make countless web applications with this version then, in upcoming projects you can perfectly use it. Sometimes you are going to hire a new developer then make sure he has an idea about AngularJS 12.2 latest version.

Let us discuss the general characteristics of AngularJS 12.2 latest version!

Lesser coding

Every programmer has to code less every time compared to other applications developing scripts. In this every developer knows that the same code serves different functionalities like uppercase, filters, lowercase and many more. When it is applied then a programmer can format the data easily.

Data-binding Without Efforts:

Yes we are pretty sure about it because AngularJs provides a hassle free functionality of data binding. Little codes bind the data from HTML control to the application data. In previous Angular JS developers were used to write extra code especially for the data binding with HTML control.

MVC Architecture:

MVC means Model, View & controller. It provides precise functionality & dynamic to an web application. Angular is specially designed for MVC architecture. MVC separates the application into three parts i.e logic, presentation & logic. Result given by this is to manage the software productively.

Deep linking

Yes, you can say that it helps in deep linking because it facilitates bookmarking of a webpage with its URL & there is no need to change the state. When the user tries to save the pages, it displays the state as it looks like before.

What does AngularJS 12.2 have to offer?


The latest version of AngularJs 12.2 works like Javascript. It comes with a compiler which helps to support underscores as a separator for numbers present in the template. Its best example is ES2021.


Angular 12.2 provides a RouteReuseStrategy through DI to test the router’s module. Hence, you can write:
imports: [RouterTestingModule],
providers: [{ provide: RouteReuseStrategy, useClass: CustomReuseStrategy }]


Another excellent feature of Angular 12.2 is the Forms. Due to methods of removeValidator, addValidators & hasValidator of the form feature present in Angular 12.2 we are very thankful for this.


CLI is a command line tool of Angular. It is very helpful for building an application rapidly. It is a good one tool for adding tests, deploys them instantly & adds components. In the latest version of Angular 12.2 this tool esbuild to ensure rapid development for the web applications. When it comes to esbuild, then it is named as exceptional speed of compilation.

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